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Andrew Brittlebank_edited.jpg

Andrew Brittlebank

Associate Dean and Specialist Adviser for Curriculum for the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Birgit Bundesen_edited.jpg

Birgit Bundesen

Psychiatrist, BA in comparative literature and senior consultant at Mental Health Care Center Amage.

Tom Burns_edited.jpg

Tom Burns

Professor of Social Psychiatry in Oxford University.

Marisa Casanova Dias_edited.jpg

Marisa Casanova Dias

President of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) Section of Psychiatry.

Olle Hollertz 2023_edited.jpg

Olle Hollertz

MD, specialist in psychiatry.

Fredrik Holth_edited.jpg

Fredrik Holth

MD, psychiatrist.

Merit Kudeviita_edited.jpg

Merit Kudeviita

MD, works in The North Estonia Medical Centre Psychiatry Clinic, Estonia.

Karl Lundblad_edited.jpg

Karl Lundblad

MD, psychiatrist, Affektiv mottagning, Norra Stockholm Psykiatri, Sweden.

Lena Nylander_edited.jpg

Lena Nylander

Psychiatrist, PhD, she has worked in adult psychiatry for more than 45 years.

Martin Tesli_edited.jpg

Martin Tesli

Norwegian psychiatrist and senior researcher at Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Shahram Shaygani_edited.jpg

Shahram Shaygani

Specialist in psychiatry and addiction medicine, psychoanalyst, and supervisor in psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Rene Sjaelland_edited.jpg

René Sjælland

MD, Psychiatrist, Head of Clinic, Psychiatric Center of Amager, Copenhagen, Denmark.


Signe Wegmann Düring

Consultant in psychiatry, PhD, associate clinical professor University of Copenhagen, Mental Health Services of Capital Region, Denmark.

Cornelia Wulff Hamrin_edited.jpg

Cornelia Wulff Hamrin

PhD in psychology, and senior lecture in Human Resource and Working Life knowledge at Kristianstad University, Sweden.

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