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Leadership: the voice of young doctors


Leadership in any field should always start with self-leadership which encompasses self-awareness and self-management, constant drive for improvement and personal integrity.

A great leader has a strong sense of responsibility for everything that's happening around which translates into complete ownership of his or her life. They are visionaries who can inspire others while voicing and enacting strong personal values. Building on these attributes, great medical leaders are not only strong academically and clinically - but they are also health advocates as well, making it their responsibility to endorse culture of health.

That's why medical leadership specifically requires one to have a deep understanding of political, economic, technological, and social aspects of the healthcare system. The list of skills goes on, however, seeing how rapidly healthcare system changes and considering its complexity, it appears that medical leaders all over the world must take their time learning about the principles of change management while keeping up with the practices for stress resilience.


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