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Word from NPA: Issue 2 2023


The new issue is about us. Doctors, managers, counselors, leaders, but also – partners, spouses, parents, daughters/sons. We have many competencies; we have many identities. And sometimes we are so different in our different identities. So, it is great issue to investigate the mysterious world of a psychiatrist.

My special interest is leadership, as leadership in psychiatry is as important as leadership in ruling the country.

Many of us are managers. And it is about leadership.

Many of us are working in mental health institutions and daily lead the groups of professionals.

Many of us belong to different societies and associations, and it is also means being involved in leadership.

To continue about leadership, I am especially happy to mention a great interview with new President of World Psychiatric association (WPA) prof. Danuta Wasserman. She started as a new President of WPA during the congress that took place few months ago in Vienna. It was a long way from being just a psychiatrist to becoming the leader of a powerful and important organization. Many steps were in between these two different positions: doing the job of psychiatrist, performing research, leading teams, leading organizations… Creating an impact on psychiatry and on an organization of psychiatry.

I hope this great issue and interesting topics will have an impact on us, and it will enrich us with something new. □



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