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Welcome to NCP2021 Virtual!


Finnish Psychiatric Association is hosting the first ever virtual NCP congress. Nordic Congress of Psychiatry is an esteemed international scientific psychiatric congress, organised every third year in a Nordic or Baltic country. Our congress slogan ‘Connecting Minds’ is now timelier than ever.

NCP2021 programme

Click the picture to view the latest programme.


The programme consists of the highest quality scientific presentations by some of the leading professionals in psychiatry. The topics of the plenary lectures by world-renowned speakers range from the genetics of psychiatric traits to RCTs related to improving treatment of psychotic illnesses and from the brain basis of social interaction to the future of psychotherapy, not forgetting adolescent mental health issues and public health needs and responses in the context of COVID-19.

The congress will be organised on a virtual platform, allowing for safe and easy participation from all around the world. The virtual platform will offer both live and pre-recorded presentations. All presentations will be recorded and made available for registered participants for one month without additional fees. If you are unable to join the livestream, we strongly encourage you to register for the event and view the recordings at a more convenient time. The virtual platform is easy to use, offering flexible possibilities to visit poster presentations and collaboration partners or connecting with other participants.

Whilst you may not be able to visit Finland this time around, we will do our best to transport you here through your screens. □

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